SAP Analytic Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) is an expression which covers all the various applications adopted to analyse the raw data of an organization. 

Telecommunication Solutions

Mobile service infrastructures which have been developed by D-CAt Technologies Team,is a service provider for the SMS, MMS and IVR based services owned by the business partners.

Custom Software Solutions

D-CAT Technologies  improves the enhancements made on Eclipse/J2EE platform with JIMET which is a software development frame.

Beyond the project consultancy, the relationship between Anadolu Medical Center and D-CAT Technologies can be described as a solution partnership. We would like to express our gratitude to D-CAT Technologies team for process analysis/design/management, meta data and ETL process design, reporting and dashboard implementation.

Burak Uzkan

Within the scope of the SAP BO project, we set sight on corporate analytical needs, user friendly experience and central information platform with the guidance/consultancy of D-CAT Technologies Business Intelligence team. D-CAT Technologies’ professional approach and the experience on designing a platform, satisfied the needs of our corporate structure. We would like collaborate with D-CAT Technologies team for the new projects.

Mehmet Boydak


BPC Consultant
BW Consultant
BI Consultant
JAVA Expert

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