About Us


“Innovation keeping standards”

Founded in 2006 and being the first company of the D-CAT Group, D-CAT Technologies is based on the principle of creating applications that would allow small and medium sized enterprises in Turkey to shorten their business processes and observe their business activities with greater ease. Additionally, D-CAT Technologies is a tech company cooperating with leaders in the technology solutions market.

The main mission of D-CAT Technologies is to add value to companies’ business eco systems by reducing or redesigning their business models. D-CAT Technologies team does not just conclude their clients’ projects, but also provides consultancy as to what the following project might be and is therefore operating more like a business partner.

While providing consultancy as well as training and project management solutions to companies, D-CAT Technologies also produces its own projects. Therefore, D-CAT Technologies has a team that is aware of the need to support technology with well designed business models.

3 main service fields of D-CAT Technologies

Business Inteligence

D-CAT Technologies is the first and only company in Turkey that has cultivated an expertise in developing applications based on SAP BusinessObjects enterprise platform which is the world leader in business intelligence.

  • D-CAT Technologies is a Gold Partner of SAP AG.
  • D-CAT Technologies has provided SAP with the highest number of new clients in 2010 and 2011.(Awarded for the best partner reward “Net New Name Sales”)
  • D-CAT Technologies provides high quality enterprise technology and business analytic application services for more than 100 companies of Turkey Fortune 500.

Our company is catering for companies’ needs concerning insufficient administration, user and-or security functions on SAP BusinessObjects platform with D-CAT’s own in-house-developed product family called BI Extensions and-or custom development solutions.


D-CAT Technologies is closely following developments in telecommunication technologies in Turkey and the world. With its research and development operations and in the light of these developments, D-CAT Technologies is producing infrastructure software and hardware that provides maximum efficiency. The most essential parts of our vision are the management and support services of these products.

Custom Software Solutions

The starting point of D-CAT Technologies projects is analyzing our customers’ corporate needs, project size and CONTENT2, project systems and user needs, organizational principles and mode of operation by using D-CAT analysis methods and identifying the methodology to be used for the project.

Content Management System

Created to answer corporate web portal needs, the CONTENT2 management system with its modular expandable and secure infrastructure has become the corporate web portal solution for many companies in a very short time. This CONTENT2 management system created solely by D-CAT Technologies, has been developed using JIMET, HIBERNATE- an industrial standard- and SPRING.