Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi ‘’Microsoft PowerBI’’ Projesinde D-Cat’i Tercih Etti

Anadolu Medical Center has preferred to work with D-CAT Technologies for the Microsoft PowerBI application Project and has started to follow up all C Level reports from one platform.

Anadolu Medical Center, established in 2005 by Anadolu Foundation, has brought valuable works in Turkey and works in strategic partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine to improve education and quality, serving in the health sector.

To access all executive reports on one platform and make data easier to interpret, Anadolu Medical Center has chosen the PowerBI solution of D-CAT Technologies. It has been designed for the managers of the Financial Affairs Department. In addition to labor savings, the organization has been able to provide quick access to the created analytical images from users' phones, tablets, and browsers thanks to PowerBI's powerful mobile support.

With the Microsoft Power BI application project developed for Anadolu Medical Center:

  • Infrastructure has been built to take advantage of all of PowerBI's features while not exposing the company's sensitive data to the cloud environment.
  • Data consistency between reports is assured thanks to the core model produced with Tabular modeling. Different results are reported in each report as a result of various calculations.
  • With the hierarchical structure has established in the model, simple visuals are designed, where detailed information can be accessed quickly from summary information.
  • Data reading speed is optimized with images prepared with PowerBI in IBCS standards.

We share the happiness of realizing and completing the Microsoft PowerBI project with Anadolu Medical Center, one of Turkey's most prestigious healthcare institutions.