SAP Analytics Cloud

AC, a cloud-based product that responds quickly to complex problems, works integrated with BI. It provides an advantage with its solutions based on forecasting and planning. Includes machine learning.

Start making better decisions with the power of data.

Make reliable decisions with our most advanced cloud-based analytics solutions on the market.

Works effectively in all decision-making processes.

Embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning technology help you discover how to facilitate access to critical information.

SAP Analytics allows you to make reliable and fast decisions. It is a simple cloud solution that informs your employees and unites your ideas. With the help of artificial intelligence, it helps you to make efficient decisions by preventing you from being lost in complex data. Simplifying your analytic environment combines your complex data and planning with precision.

  • Machine Learning helps you quickly identify trends and ideas through visualizations.
  • Focus on key points to discover the factors that affect your results the most.
  • Apply the estimated models to your existing data and find answers to your most difficult questions.