SAP Digital Boardroom

Give your top executives real-time information about your business data from SAP and third-party applications.

Users can respond to the expectations of your customers, partners and employees more quickly, easily monitor and support them.

  • Cloud Deployment
  • Accurate data can be accessed in the entire business area
  • Responds quickly to customer demands
  • Visualization touch screen access

Fast and Reliable Decisions

Analyze alternative results and transient problems. Improve your decisions.

Enterprise Information Efficiency

Increase trust between departments with a broad perspective.

Improve Your Business Meetings

Simplify your meeting processes by reducing your preparation times with collaboration tools.


Decide in collaboration with data visualizations

Reduce your preparation efforts with free-form presentations based on your business style.


Use ad hoc and what if analysis to compare the impact of decisions and alternative processes

Understand the relationships that emerge in simulation models.

Evaluate information quickly and accurately.


Answer instant questions instantly with powerful analysis and a simple, intuitive user interface.