A data warehouse is a specialized database for making queries for analysis. Its main purpose is to store out-of-date records of the business and to make it easier to analyze these records to help understand business needs and renew business functions, that is, to facilitate business intelligence.

The known relational databases store data related to events and transactions, so they are constantly in and out of data and carry the most up-to-date data. Data warehouses are the structures that are created by compiling and archiving the data in these databases and the data obtained from other external sources in certain periods, thus enabling periodic analysis.

With data warehouses, workload and analysis load are separated in enterprises; that is, while analyzing the compiled data in the data warehouse stored on different servers on one side, the relational databases of the enterprise continue to meet the current data storage and querying needs.

In addition to data storage, data warehouses can also be used by applications that provide data collection-transport-conversion (ETL), data mining, reporting, and forecasting solutions, allowing raw data to be converted into useful information.