SAP HANA is a new generation warehouse solution integrated with HANA.

Access your real-time data with a reliable source.

Thanks to its improved architecture, it works on your large volumes of data.

BW / 4HANA, a cloud-based advanced analytics platform, is compatible with SAP and non-SAP applications.

Model simply with the Modern Interface.


Innovation from one reliable source

Rebuild your business with advanced analytics to suit your needs.

Providing Forecasts

Quickly deploy scaled live predictions both on-premises and in the cloud.

Wide Application Area

Take advantage of digital business platform solutions that enable you to use big data across all business lines.


Real Time Data Processing

Reduce waiting times when processing large volumes of data

Integration with SAP and Non-SAP applications

Connect your data from any source you want.

Simplified Modeling

Make simple modeling with a user-friendly modern interface.