SAP Information Steward

Information Steward allows data quality to be monitored from multiple data sources. It incorporates fast tools to analyze data quality.

Evaluates and improves the quality of your enterprise data assets.

Key Benefits

Reduce Complexities

Define and explore your data quality. Increase your productivity using a single solution.

Maximize your data quality measurements.

Analyze data quality in your data management environment with the tools it contains.

Balanced Processes

Improve information management by supporting analysts with appropriate verification rules and guidelines.


Data Quality Monitoring

Get a complete view of data quality reports using scorecards and dashboards. These reports will help you better understand the consequences of bad data.

Knowledge Management

Improve collaboration between data analysts and IT professionals to significantly improve overall data integrity.

Data Profile

Support your data with management processes defined by business needs, roles, and policies.

Data Lineage

Evaluate the nature of changes in your data structures to improve data quality and reduce risk. It ensures that your information is reliable.

Cost Savings

Potential in data quality through analysis predict savings.