English Home will benefit from D-CAT's SAP Business Intelligence support service

English Home, which set out with the passion of helping us create the house of our dreams by bringing the trends of the period to our homes at affordable prices, soon won the appreciation of those who care about their home and love decoration. Going beyond the classical English style and bringing peace, comfort, and romance to our living spaces with its products supported by country details, English Home continues to offer all the products that help us to create the house of our dreams, from our bedrooms to our bathrooms, from our living rooms to our kitchen and baby rooms.

While it offers us easy accessibility with more than 290 stores and online shopping options scattered all over our country, it provides service in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and Poland with more than 110 stores abroad.

English Home preferred D-CAT for their business intelligence processes -BO-BW CONSULTING & SLA- support needs.